The only ribbon with true top end

Product Overview

Over five years in development, the Woodpecker is the only choice when searching for the smoky, warm, classic sound of a ribbon, but without sacrificing the bright presence of top-end. The Woodpecker is designed to deliver the wide frequency response needed in today’s modern recording environment. With its focused mid-range, ultra-smooth top end and outstanding bass response, the Woodpecker captures the essence of any recorded sound. It also excels at ambient recording, capturing room tone with the most intimate detail.


  • Wood box
  • The Woodpecker Shock



Product Features

  • Active ribbon microphone
  • Figure 8, bidirectional polar pattern
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
  • Noise level A-weighted (IEC 651): not more than 22dB
  • Max SPL (0.5% THD into 2.5k ohm): 136dB
  • Includes custom made, solid brass shockmount and wood storage box

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