Bring me the Horizon

Bring me the Horizon

Bring me the Horizon have a very interesting history. The Sheffield Metalcore act formed back in 2003 when members were still young teenagers. Legend has it they tricked their way onto their first tour supporting The Red Chord, nailed their first demo in two weekends, and made alcohol consumption a unique part of their stage-craft…

They have since recorded five full studio albums and gained a massive global following, netting multiple awards and being nominated for many many more. BMTH’s management got in touch with us to see if Lead Guitarist Lee Malia could try out Strymon’s BigSky and Multi Switch as part of his stage set up and (as they embark on a punishing world tour which will take them through to the end of 2016) we were only too pleased to help...

We wish them all the very best as they work their way around Latin America, Europe, Scandinavia and the U.S over the next 9 months.

Tour dates and more information can be found at their website

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