Blue introduce “Lola”

Blue introduce “Lola”

About this time last year Blue Microphones announced something interesting. It was interesting firstly because it wasn’t a microphone, it was a pair of headphones, and secondly because it was a completely new approach to headphone design.

The Mofi headphones have an onboard amplifier (in the same way that many studio monitor speakers have built in amps making them ‘active’). They also have a unique headband and earcup design and were universally accepted to be among the very best sounding headphones on the market today. They were also quite pricey, so Blue have removed the built-in amplifier but kept everything else - including the incredible sound quality - and with a substantially more affordable price tag… Introducing Lola! Mofi’s little (sister?) which delivers similar performance without the expense of the active components. Find out more on the Lola product pages.


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