Introducing the Hotone Ravo - multi-effects guitar pedal

Introducing the Hotone Ravo - multi-effects guitar pedal

Ravo is the latest guitar pedal to come out of the Hotone labs. It furthers the brand’s mission to miniaturise digital effects without compromising on sound quality.

Ravo is a multi-effects pedal processor with 130 onboard effects across 8 modules. It comes ready loaded with 100 presets, with space to save 100 more of your own. There’s a drum machine onboard with a further 100 drum patterns to jam along to, and helpfully, Ravo is also a USB-audio interface so you can connect it to a computer and record your guitar straight into your music software. Ravo also includes a Looper which enables you to record up to 30 seconds of audio and loop it.

This is all handled in a compact case with an effects switch, expression pedal and bypass switch. It also comes with Tonebank software for editing effects on your Windows computer.

Ravo will be available in shops in the coming months with pricing to be confirmed….


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