Hotone Xtomp gets more free sounds

Hotone Xtomp gets more free sounds

Hotone have added another seven free sounds to the Xtomp library. (Xtomp is a chameleon pedal that ‘becomes’ vintage and classic amps and pedals when you load in patches from your iOS/Android smartphone or tablet). This month’s offering includes emulations of a classic Marshall amp head and cabinet, Ross compressor, Vox overdrive, British Plexi amp and more…

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The sounds in detail:

Marshell SLP

This is the one that defined the classic rock’n’roll sound. Marshell SLP is an amp simulator based on the sound characteristics of the legendary Marshall®Super Lead 1959* amp head (HIGH TREBLE channel). No explanation necessary — The tone is as legendary as the music it helped to create. Since it has an extreme output (demanded by Pete Townshend!) , we added a

MASTER VOLUME so you can take control.

The right output features a fine-tuned cab simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Marshall® 1960TV* 4x12 closed-back cabinet with four 12-inch Celestion™ Greenback™* speakers.

Super Drive +

The Super Drive + is based on a rare dual-mode yellow overdrive pedal. It offers you CRUNCH and LEAD modes: The CRUNCH mode produces a fat, crunchy rhythm sound and LEAD mode gets a thick, smooth lead tone.

Plexi Crunch

ThePlexi Crunch model is inspired by the classic 1960’s British Plexi amps. Delivering you the original crunch, you get the legendary rock n’ roll sound of cranking the power tubes on real amps.

Voxy Lady

Our Voxy Lady overdrive is inspired by the classic British style Class A amps. We recreated the best flavor ofthe legendary chimey tone (and of course, the iconic Tone Cut knob) with some modern features that allow you to go from subtle overdrive to cutting distortion.


The Holy Grail of compressor pedals is here.

Comprosso is based on the legendary Ross™ Compressor* pedal, which is unarguably the compressor of compressors. We carefully recreated the sonic character to get the same colorful, bouncy, natural compression as the original pedal.


This model combines “Clean Octa" and “Toucher B", allowing you to use two effects simultaneously (Octave + Touch Wah).

The octave is a polyphonic octaver which creates notes one octave higher and one octave lower than your original signal. Individual octave voice control and a dry signal control let you adjust to taste.

The touch wah is an envelope filter designed for bassists. It gives you access to a wide range of tonal variety. The Mix knob is fixed at noon.

Boger 4x12

This model is a cabinet simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Bogner®412SL* cabinet with four 12-inch Celestion™ Vintage 30™* speakers.


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