Hotone Xtomp gets 16 new sounds

Hotone Xtomp gets 16 new sounds

Hotone have continued to grow their Xtomp library throughout 2016 and this final update of the year adds another 16 free sounds to the list.

They include models of Hiwatt® amp heads, Marshall® overdrives, Electro-Harmonix® delays and a slew of other inspired amp and pedal emulations (you can find a list of the new additions below). If you’re new to Xtomp, it’s basically a chameleon pedal into which you can load presets from your smartphone (via Bluetooth) to turn it into any number of classic and vintage pedals and amp simulations.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year, and we hope that the losses suffered by the music world (and the world in general!) subside in 2017…

Best wishes, the MusicPsych team.



New Xtomp presets:

Highway 103
The highway that leads to Rock Legendhood. This model is an amp simulator based on the sound characteristics of the legendary Hiwatt® DR103* amp head (NORMAL channel), which has proved itself through decades of rock history (think Gilmour, Townshend, et al.). Set it up for pure, powerful, transparent tone or crank it to get some rich British overdrive--you decide!

Golden Lead
This Golden Lead is a distortion model inspired by the classic 1980’s British hi-gain amps. The sound is raw, aggressive with glassy highs, golden mids and crunchy lows.

Grand Driver
Get in and drive! Based on the legendary Marshall® Drive Master* overdrive pedal, the Grand Driver model offers a 3-band tone control. It is like adding an extra amp with classic British overdrive tone to your set up. This will push your performance to an even higher level!

Aquaria M
The Aquaria M is a multi-dimensional chorus model with independent depth controls for each audio channel (center, left and right). This super lush model will give you the real 3D experience for your ears (especially on stereo sound systems!).

Aquaria S
This chorus model is a stereo chorus brings you a smooth, lush chorus tone with a magical Spread control. Use the Depth and the Rate knobs to control the chorus depth and speed, and fine tune the Spread knob to set your own feel.

Multi Eko
This model is a multi tap delay which recreates the characteristics of a huge 4-head echo machine with some modern technical expansions...and tricks. The delay time range is 20ms-1000ms. You can hold the footswitch to engage Tap Tempo function. In Tap Tempo mode, the LED around the footswitch will pulse to indicate the delay time you set. Hold the footswitch again to disengage.

Cross Eko
This model is a ping-pong delay producing stereo feedback that bounces back and forth between the left and right channels. The delay time range is 50ms-1000ms (on both channels). You can hold the footswitch to engage Tap Tempo function. In Tap Tempo mode, the LED around the footswitch will pulse to indicate the delay time you set. Hold the footswitch again to disengage.

Twirl P
This is a special phaser that combines tremolo/pan variations. Featuring subtle, bright phasing tone and smooth panning tone, you get some seriously trippy psychedelic mojo here.

Pristine Boost
The Pristine Boost features a unique “no character” character. Based on the famous Xotic® RC Booster* pedal, it offers a super transparent clean boost and a powerful active 2-band EQ so you can maintain your original tonal flavor. Simply put it in your pedal chain, tune up, and leave it on!

This model produces THAT legendary warm, natural analog delay sound which is highly praised by musicians. We captured the sound characteristics (even the counterclockwise delay time control!) with CDCM technology, and now the legend is back!

Recaller S
Take this. It will help you recall your memory, man. Recaller S is based on the legendary Electro-Harmonix® Stereo Memory Man® Stereo Echo/Chorus pedal, one of the greatest solid-state delays ever created. The sound is incomparable: a warm, modulated echo with acres of luscious soundscapes. Switch it to Chorus mode to get unique delay-like chorus and even some sci-fi sounds!

Freshly Squeezed
This model is a compverb specially tuned for acoustic players. It tightens your original sound, then lets it out with a spacious but clear reverb.

This model combines "Clonic" and "Direct Touch", allowing you to use two effects simultaneously (Overdrive + Chorus). The overdrive is based on the famous Barber® Direct Drive* overdrive pedal (Normal mode). It delivers sparkling tube style overdrive with great clarity. The chorus is based on the famous Electro-Harmonix® Small Clone* pedal. It creates classic analog chorus tone from shimmering chimes to pulsing warbles.

This ultra violent fuorilegge was specially designed for instrumental/progressive metal guitarist Demetrio Scopelliti. Born and bred a mafia member, this distortion features extreme lows and edgy highs while maintaining great clarity and instant attack. This pedal is “cosa nostra” with heavily down-tuned or 7/8-string shredding machines!

This model is a loop station which can record up to 45 seconds of loop phrases. Individual input/output controls make it simple and convenient.

Adam 4x10
This model is a cabinet simulator based on the sound characteristics of an Eden®D410XLT* 4x10 bass cabinet with an aluminum horn and four 10-inch speakers.



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