Strymon Deco hear the sounds

Strymon Deco  hear the sounds

Clearly, we at Musicpsych were among the most excited people to hear about Strymon's tape saturation pedal when it was announced last year. The truth of it is, tape saturation is quite a specific effect - and one that you don't find many guitar pedal manufacturers focusing on. But as we all know, Strymon is no ordinary pedal designer. It seemed natural for the team to create a Deco; an effect that recreates the nostalgic sonic artefacts of a recording era that was characterised by tape and its warm imperfections. Although this is normally a creative effect that is exploited by today's music producers, should it really be captured in a boutique pedal and presented to guitarists as a creative tool? Strymon thought so...

Guitarist Magazine was impressed too. Check out this video they put together to demonstrate Deco's sound and some of its applications. You can also read their review over at Musicradar. 

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