Strymon announce 'Multi Switch'

Strymon announce 'Multi Switch'

Since launching Deco last year, things have been rather quiet from the Strymon laboratories. But the annual NAMM (North American Music Merchants) trade show in California saw the announcement of a brand new thing... ‘Multi Switch' was developed as a means of giving access to the full functionality of Strymon's Mobius, Timeline and Big Sky pedals. For example, with its three footswitches, Multi Switch opens up control of many more Looping functions than Timeline's own three switches, including Reverse, Half Speed and Undo / Redo. If you connect it to Mobius, Big Sky or Timeline you can flip between banks, presets and tap tempo all at the same time. The outcome is considerably extended access to the control guitar players can have with their feet while jamming and performing with three of Strymon's signature pedals.

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