Hotone change direction

Hotone change direction


Although they’re relatively new kids on the block, pedal manufacturers Hotone have balanced competitive pricing with genuine pursuit of innovation. Until now, the buzz-word has been ‘micro’ with the Skyline series of stompboxes and the Nano amp heads striving to squeeze the best sound possible from almost implausibly small hardware. But Hotone’s latest offering takes their engineering innovation in a different direction entirely… 

Introducing XTOMP. It’s an integrated stompbox and iOS app (for iPhone and iPad) which can effectively be transformed into any one of 300 different effects units at your whim. The pedal acts as a controller while the app delivers the effect via Bluetooth (wireless) so there are no cables needed to carry the data between your iPhone/iPad and the pedal. As well as the main foot-switch (for switching the effect in and out) you can also change the sound via six knobs on the pedal itself .  

This is an interesting prospect for any guitarist - whether budget conscious or not - because of the sheer number of different effects contained within a single device. But, if you are budget conscious (and really, who isn’t to some degree?) it’s still good news as we understand that Hotone are aiming for an accessible price point…

Alongside the announcement of XTOMP, Hotone have taken the opportunity to share a little bit about themselves and their design thinking. If you’re keen to read more about their approach, visit the XTOMP microsite for their perspective on their work so far.

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