Hotone’s tiny “Fat Buffer” and “Q-Box” stompboxes are now available

Hotone’s tiny “Fat Buffer” and “Q-Box” stompboxes are now available

Hotone’s Skyline range of pedals has become a ‘catch-all’ collection of tools and effects which cover pretty much the entire spectrum of a guitarist’s needs. Their tiny stature and reasonable price tag has made them a favourite among players over the last couple of years, but the latest two additions to the range couldn’t be more different from each other...

Fat Buffer is a tool for making up volume that’s been lost in your signal chain. It’s essentially a gain boost with a few extra tricks up its sleeve, including tone controls and a low pass filter for pulling out unwanted bass frequencies.

Q-Box is a more creative animal. It’s a crunchy effect that delivers a range of autowah FX and dynamically driven wah sounds. Descriptions don’t really do it justice, the movie below will give you a better idea of it’s sound…


Q-Box is available now priced €89.99 / £79.99
Fat Buffer is also available priced €64.99 / £54.99

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