2015 in twelve interviews

2015 in twelve interviews

It’s been a busy year on the Musicpsych blog. We've been lucky enough to do interviews with some of our favourite artists, all of whom have their own unique story to tell. Our aim is to look into each artist's own musical history, what inspires them, and their relationship with the instruments and technologies that drive their creative practice. Here’s a selection of the interviews we published this year:

Robbie Williams’ lead guitarist Tom Longworth 

The brains behind the GigRig: Daniel Steinhardt

Upbeat down-tempo live act All We Are

Prog Rock Royal - Dave Kilminster

Composer Danny Short on writing for musical theatre

RJ Thompson - lead for Midge Ure, Gabriel Aplin, Deacon Blue and more…

Studio producer Gary Bromham

Simon Johnston - from Mickie Most to playing for Lana Del Ray and James Morrison

Ruben Roeh on playing guitar for Kraut Rock legend Joachim Witt

Kevin Armstrong returns from touring with Iggy Pop

Alan Salmon takes Michael Jackson’s Thriller out on the arena stage circuit

Rudi Dobson - the Bee Gees keyboard player takes us through his studio set-up


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