Soul Press - micro Wah Wah pedal

Soul Press - micro Wah Wah pedal

Having perfected the tiny format stompbox Hotone have now set their sights on the mighty Wah Wah pedal. Soul Press follows in the same (teeny) footsteps of the Skyline range by delivering incredible sound quality in a very small pedal. It isn’t just a Wah pedal, it is also a Volume switch and an Expresssion controller in one - all you need to do is toggle between the three modes.

We first brought you news of Soul Press at the beginning of 2015, however, as of this week they are available to buy in Europe priced at €89.99 / £79.99. Find your nearest dealer here.

Have a listen to some of the audio demos (below)to give you an idea of how Soul Press sounds and watch the video to get a clearer picture of how the three-in-one functionality plays out. Find out more about Soul Press here

Audio demo

Promo movie


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