Big Sky - Everything you ever needed to hear

Big Sky - Everything you ever needed to hear

In case you were in any doubt about Big Sky, blogger and Dorje lead guitarist Rabea Massaad (Bea) has created a series of demo videos. These are awesomely detailed movies, as well as a thorough review-styled introduction, Bea has taken the time to go through each of Big Sky’s twelve reverb types and tweaked the parameters in each so you get a really good feel for how each type behaves.

Each movie is embedded below, or you can watch the playlist on his youtube channel





Room Reverb


Hall Reverb


Plate Reverb


Spring Reverb


Swell Reverb


Bloom Reverb


Cloud Reverb



Chorale Reverb


Shimmer Reverb


Magneto Reverb


Non Linear Reverb




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