Bigfoot Engineering

Bigfoot Engineering

We are delighted to welcome Bigfoot Engineering as the latest member of the Musicpsych family. Bigfoot pedals are handbuilt in the UK and each unit represents founder Rhys Stubbs’ total preoccupation with sonic perfection. As a guitarist and an audio engineer, Rhys is fastidious and obsessive about all things audio. If you’re unfamiliar with Bigfoot Engineering, it is a boutique British pedal manufacturer which currently has a range of five pedals:

Trouble Booster: Designed to boost your input without overdriving the signal
King Fuzz: Pretty much does what it says on the tin - Filthy Fuzz pedal with several gain stages  
Octo Puss Prime: It’s the Fuzz pedal with an octaver…
Octo Puss: Totally passive octave pedal - no power supply needed! 
Thunder Pup: Distortion pedal based on two classic British valve amplifier designs

Musicpsych are now distributing Bigfoot Engineering products across Europe (except in the UK). You can find out more information directly from the Bigfoot Engineering website and for pricing and availability please contact Musicpsych 

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