Hotone's micro-pedalboard is here

Hotone's micro-pedalboard is here

Hotone’s Skyline micro-stomp boxes have proved that small (tiny!) can sound amazing. They’ve become popular in the guitar community with many players opting to get multiple pedals because of their small footprint and low price tag. In response Hotone created Skyboard Junior; a pedalboard designed specifically for the Skyline range. It can accommodate up to five pedals, has its own 9V power supply (no need to cart batteries around) it’s made of tough aluminium-alloy so it can withstand being hauled about, and it comes with its own carry case.

They kept us in suspense for a little while, but Skyboard Junior is now available to purchase at music stores across Europe costing €49.99 / £39.99. Visit our store locator to find your nearest retailer.

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