Watch Pro Tools Expert review Blue’s Mofi headphones

Watch Pro Tools Expert review Blue’s Mofi headphones

The guys over at Pro Tools Expert have been living with a pair of Blue Mofi headphones. James from PT Expert put this mini video review together to describe his experience using them in the studio.

Blue Mics can no longer really be described as a microphone manufacturer. Last year the Californian innovators announced their first foray into the world of headphones.

Mofi was their debut and it certainly turned a few heads in the audio industry, not just because of its striking industrial design, but because they really do sound very good indeed. The (not so) secret ingredient is an amplifier built into headphones making them ‘active’ like many studio monitors. As the amplifier is perfectly matched to the headphone drivers the performance of the headphones is guaranteed. The other key benefit of a built-in headphone amp is that they sound loud and immaculately balanced regardless of source they are connected to, whether it’s a million dollar mixing console or a smartphone.   

Find out more about Blue’s Mofi here

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