Strymon Riverside vs Strymon Sunset

Strymon Riverside vs Strymon Sunset

Back in October of last year Strymon announced Riverside, an overdrive pedal that combined Strymon’s trademark DSP wizardry with an analogue front end. It is said to have been inspired by the numerous vacuum tube and analogue distortion units that have historically shaped the overdriven guitar sound. In March of this year Strymon surprised us again when they launched Sunset, a two channel overdrive pedal that includes six different circuit types to recreate a wide range of distortions.

Availability of the two pedals has given rise to many conversations about which pedal is best suited to doing what. We’re not fully qualified to answer these questions so we’ve hunted out some people who are. If you are wrestling with this particular question, check out the two in depth comparison videos below.

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