More free sounds for Hotone Xtomp

More free sounds for Hotone Xtomp

This month’s free library update for the Hotone Xtomp includes a classic compressor, rare chorus effect, yet another 4x12 cabinet emulator and more…

Xtomp is Hotone’s clever pedal the ‘becomes’ different vintage and classic pedals at the touch of a button. Find out more here 


The new patches in detail:

Lucky Strike
Kick it on if you’re feeling lucky. Lucky Strike is based on the famous Diamond® CPR1 Compressor* pedal and recreates the musical opto compression tone with natural, smooth attack and decay.

Choruium +
This Choruium + is based on a rare, discontinued model from one of the first creators of chorus. The original features depth and rate control and we added  a stereo output option for maximum versatility. Hook this up to hear how guitar chorus was first conceived.

FET Boost
Based on the legendary FET-based belt clip preamp, this FET boost is a clean volume machine. Use this pedal to get a huge amount of gain (+26dB!) without any distortion,tone sculpt with the flexible 2-band EQ. Onboard you’l also find a handy low cut filter for tone shaping and eliminating low frequency feedback.

This model combines "Pulser" and "Northstar", allowing you to use two effects simultaneously (Vibrato + Reverb).
The vibrato is a rebirth of the super rare all-analog vintage vibrato pedal, which gives you a classic vibrato sound with true analog warmth.
The reverb is a finely-tuned, musical model that takes you to shining reverb heights while keeping the highs under control. Two knobs keep it simple.

Dizzle 4x12
This model is a cabinet simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Diezel® 4x12 cabinet with four 12-inch Celestion™ Vintage 30™* speakers.



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