Xtomp Friday - June

Xtomp Friday - June

June brought another seven brand new sounds to the Xtomp library, including three new amp simulations and four new pedals. As always, they’re absolutely free and come with an update of the Xtomp app. You can full details about the new patches below.

Xtomp is a hybrid pedal that ‘becomes’ any one of hundreds of classic and vintage pedals and amp simulations - selected from a free library of sounds and uploaded via your smartphone or tablet.

The sounds in detail

Marshell 2x12
This model is a cabinet simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Marshall® Silver Jubilee* 2x12 cabinet with two 12-inch Celestion™ Greenback™* speakers.

Fryman HB
Fryman HB is based on the famous Friedman®BE100* amp head (HBE mode). This is an incredible tone machine based on the classic hot British amps. But this amp is extremely versatile: with some knob tweaking, you’ll be amazed by the super tight low ends, sweet mids and rich harmonics.

The right output features a fine-tuned cab simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Friedman® 412 Vintage* 4x12 closed-back cabinet with two 12-inch Celestion™ Greenback™* and two 12-inch Celestion™ Vintage 30™*speakers.

Legato Clean
The Legato Clean is based on the Carvin® Legacy VL100* amp head (CLEAN channel), Steve Vai’s signature model. You get the super clean sound with great frequency response, and turn on the unique PRESENCE switch to get crystal-like highs!

The right output features a fine-tuned cab simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Carvin® C412* 4x12 closed-back cabinet with four 12-inch Celestion™ Vintage 30™* speakers.

This delay model has a sweep filter affecting the delay repeats, which creates a unique sweeping delay sound. The delay time range is 50ms-1000ms.

Hold the foot switch to engage Tap Tempo function. In Tap Tempo mode, the LED around the foot switch will pulse to indicate the delay time you set. Hold the footswitch again to disengage. 

Prof. Q
Prof. Q is based on the famous Electro-Harmonix® Q-Tron* pedal.You get a bouncy, funky, smooth touch wah sound with increased frequency response.Plenty of onboard controls take this pedal the extra mile. Sounds great on both guitar and bass, as well as on a ton of other instruments! 

Plate reverb is a synthetic reverberation system which was one of the first types of artificial reverbs used in recording. 

This model simulates the reverb sound coming from a vintage steel plate reverberator. Use the Mix and the High Damp knobs for detailed reverb control. 

Solar Skream
This is a signature combo effect called together by guitarist Matty Spatola. It combines distortion and reverb in one. 

The distortion features wide gain range while maintaining touch sensitivity. 3-mode character selection makes it an authoritative shredding and riffing machine. This reverb is finely-tuned with deep bottoms and clear overtones.

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