Strymon Announce Adjustable Power Supply

Strymon Announce Adjustable Power Supply

Back in 2016 Strymon added two power supply systems to their range of effects pedals. Ojai and Zuma were gratefully received by Strymon users who needed clean, reliable power delivered to their pedal boards. This month, they have added a third model to the range: Ojai R30. As you might imagine, it’s closely related to the original Ojai (which has five 500 milliamp, 9V outputs) but two of Ojai R30’s ports can now be switched between 9V, 12V and 18V. This makes life a great deal simpler when touring between countries with different power requirements.

Strymon will continue to manufacture the original Ojai alongside Ojai R30, and of course their bigger brother, Zuma. Ojai is now available to buy from Strymon dealers:

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