News from Hotone

News from Hotone

Hotone has been delivering news and updates via “Hotone Friday” for quite some time now. Last week they announced that the Friday ritual will be replaced by more regular blog posts, podcasts and newsletters. These will bring news about updates to their popular Xtomp, Ampero, Binary, Omni and the rest of the range. Sign up here to receive Hotone's product news

Hotone’s full statement below:

  1. HOTONE FRIDAY: After almost 3 years of delivering “schedules updates” on the last Fridays of every month, we see the need to improve that schedule, to be able to launch updates at any point during the month. Back then was OK because we only had XTOMP, but now, with the Ampero lineup, the need for a flexible update schedule was evident. For that reason we’re going to be saying “goodbye” to Hotone Friday and replacing it with much more realistic workflow.
  2. UPDATES: Updates are going to be launched as they’re ready and tested. Not only for Ampero but for all the other platforms as needed: XTOMP, Omni, Binary, etc… The best way to know if we have something ready is of course stay tuned to our social media (Facebook or Instagram), but if you’re not a fan of the media outlets, we have options for you.
  3. NEWSLETTER: If you just want all the content straight into your email without having to hunt down anything on social media, no worries, we’ve got you covered: Join the Hotone’s VIPs Newsletter signing up here: and get all you need to know in one email.
  4. WEBSITE: In our recently revamped website, you will find a NEWS section where you can get to know what’s going on and of course the direct links to download all the updates, manuals and specs of any of our products. Check
  5. PODCAST: Last but not least, our new podcast is coming soon, that means: insights about our products, new products announcements, interviews with some interesting players and MI related characters, more giveaways and contents and most importantly: Your input to tell us exactly what you want to see.   

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