Four new free sounds for Hotone Xtomp

Four new free sounds for Hotone Xtomp

This month’s instalment of new sounds for the Hotone Xtomp include two distortion units, a 4x12 cab simulator and a hybrid distortion + delay effect. They are all free additions to the Xtomp library and are available immediately. Xtomp is Hotone’s chameleon stomp box that ‘becomes’ vintage or classic effects, amp simulations or effects at the touch of a button. There are hundreds of free sounds in the library and it is growing all the time. Find out more about Xtomp

The new sounds in detail

Panama Lead
The Panama Lead is a distortion model inspired by the legendary "brown sound" amp. This distortion takes your brown lead all the way from raw to relentless. 

Solid Steel
Solid Steel is a flexible drive pedal designed for bass. We voiced this one to deliver a rich driven bass sound. Use the Mode knob to select from 3 unique sound characters. 

Eddie 4x12
This model is a cabinet simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Peavey® 5150®* 4x12 cabinet with four 12-inch Sheffield® 1200* speakers.

Burning Hearts
This model combines our "Plustortion" and "Vintage Rack", allowing you to use two effects simultaneously (Distortion + Delay). 
The distortion is based on the MXR® M104 Distortion +*. It recreates the kind of Germanium-powered soft clipping distortion that Randy Rhoads and other hard rockers adored.
The delay captures the sound of a vintage 1980's rack-mount delay machine with slightly sample-reduced feedback. The Mod knob is fixed at noon. The delay time range is 20ms-1000ms.

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