Two free new amp sounds for Hotone Xtomp

Two free new amp sounds for Hotone Xtomp

Hotone are back with a couple of significant new sounds for their chameleon-like Xtomp pedal

Xtomp ‘becomes’ classic and vintage pedals and amps as you load patches into it from an enormous library of sounds. The new sounds are a Mesa Boogie® amp head simulation, and an emulation of the AER® Colourizer 2 acoustic guitar preamp. They are completely free to download now for all Xtomp users.

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Messe Bass 400+
This model is based on the famous Mesa/Boogie® Bass 400+™* bass amp head, one of Mesa/Boogie®’s rare bass products. As one of the most classic most classic and sought-after tube bass amps in history, the amp will never let you down.The right output features a fine-tuned cab simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Mesa/Boogie® PowerHouse®* 4x10 bass cabinet with four 10-inch speakers.

Acoustilizer 2
This model is an acoustic preamp based on the famous AER® Colourizer 2*, which makes dull sounds come alive by enriching your acoustic sound with full dynamics and harmonics. A flexible 2-band EQ is onboard for further tone shaping.

The EQ switch is fixed to f2, and the enhancer switch is on with enhancer intensity knob fixed at noon.


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