Blue Microphones: Buy one, get one free on selected mics

Blue Microphones: Buy one, get one free on selected mics

Blue Microphones are running a time-limited offer on the Hummingbird and enCORE series of microphones; if you buy any of these microphones before December 31st you will receive a second mic absolutely free.

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The enCORE series

As well as studio mics, Blue make a series of stage microphones - both dynamic and condenser - that take live performance into the realm of recording quality sound. The series consists of four models:

enCORE 100i - €107.99 // £92.99
enCORE 100  - €119.99 // £102.99
enCORE 200  - €167.99 // £143.99
enCORE 300  - €239.99 // £205.99

The Hummingbird

Small diaphragm condenser mics are often used to get to the sound sources that other mics can’t reach. Hummingbird takes this concept one step further with a 180 degree rotating head that can be angled to pick up awkwardly placed instruments - and it’s an exceptionally accurate microphone that works fantastically in stereo pairs.

You can now buy a pair of Hummingbirds for the price of one: €349.99 // £299.99


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