Our favourite artist interviews of the year

Our favourite artist interviews of the year

Looking after Strymon, Hotone and Blue Microphones gives us some great opportunities to connect with artists from all walks of life. Over the last 12 months we’ve cherry picked a few of these musicians and asked them a little more about what makes them tick, both creatively and technologically. We thought it might be nice to revisit these inspirational people as part of our round-up of 2017…

Sam Genders - Creating Dorothy
The Diagrams front man tells us about creating an album with 90 year old poet Dorothy Trogdon

Tobie Tripp - Pulling the Strings
String arranger for All Saints, Kwabs, Tom Chaplin on using Strymon pedals with his violin

Mark Sheehan - On Script
Script guitarist on his musical influences, Les Paul and butting heads with Danny

Paul Gregory - Lanterns on the Lake
From playing an upside down Encore to fronting the critically acclaimed Indie Rock outfit

Leah McFall - Capturing The Voice
Star of The Voice on vocal effects and working with Will i Am

Kris Hünecke - The Revolverheld guitar rig
From prepping MTV unplugged to his dream guitar amp combo

Thanks for all your support in 2017, we look forward to seeing you in 2018

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