Aziz Ibrahim loves his TimeLine

Aziz Ibrahim loves his TimeLine

Aziz Ibrahim, Stone Roses and Simply Red fame loves his Timeline...

The Strymon Timeline is a dream come true. One of those pedals you wish exhisted but no one ever made or could make.
The Timeline is beyond my dreams, not only does it deliver all the quality delay sounds I've ever wanted with preset storage but sounds I never imagined with all the control and full midi implementation needed to take your sonic masterpieces to the audience at the tap of a switch or the push of a pedal.

If the El Capistan is the King of digi tape delays then the Timeline is the God of all delays!

Pure brilliance!


Thanks Aziz, we're glad you like it!!


Aziz has been part of many bands including Simply red, The Christians, Asia, Stone Roses and Ian Brown. His last album had a line up of who’s Who in the music scene. Musicians on the album included Paul Weller, Talvin Singh, Noel Redding, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce.

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